Present June

Present June

A year ago to date.

I write less and less these days, worried i’m losing some part of me- perhaps just the struggle that often dwells within. I’m changing! It’s weird! It’s a time to freak out a little.

June 18th marks the third return to Seoul (the most important to me, and the creation of this sticker. Side note: I need to use spellcheck..), and here I find myself sitting in bed wondering where the time has gone. I remember that month vividly: Landing in Seoul on a whirlwind tour with my closet friends. Starry eye’d and in love with the city, a girl and a dream. That last word lingers.

I find myself using korean less, keeping in touch with friends not as often as i’d like and even dressing sloppier (not that has anything to do with Korea). Leaves me sad thinking so, but some things need to change and I know my time there is not over yet (My facebook feed is still 80% in Korean).

Growing up. Figuring this fucking life shit out. A mid new years resolution begins..or something.

While it’s a dream I often look back upon, it’s something that also throws me back into reality. A lot has changed recently, yet I forget where the time goes. It’s halfway through 2013 already. There are many regrets i’ve expressed in this blog in the past.. where I am now, I have none. While I live in the present, I can’t hold so much on to the past. I’m happy (scary) and we’ll see where that takes me now.

Ps. I also just want to say that 유라 just walked from Paris to Spain.. 3 months on foot. So proud. A little early, but Happy birthday 유라.

Growing Up